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“Muh-duu’ke: Put Them Back” is a remarkable examination of a critical questions facing Native Peoples. When will America let Native Americans live and rest in peace? Annette Arkeketa is more than a terrific storyteller, she’s a truth teller. Her subject, Jimmy Arterberry, is an honorable man in the midst of dishonorable dealings. I would trust these good people to advocate my rights and protect my coming generations.

“Muh-duu’ke: Put Them Back,” a human rights informational video documentary, explores the issues of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) consultation process, as experienced by Comanche Nation NAGPRA coordinator, Emmy Arterberry. The documentary follows Arterberry during his consultation meetings with Colorado State and federal museums and reveals the Comanche perspective and responsibility of an ongoing mission to protect their sacred burial places. The work continues as the Comanches repatriate ancestral skeletal remains and cultural items.

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Annette Arkeketa
Jimmy Arterberry

Darrell Kosechequetah

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