See How Deep The Water Is

American Indian belief embraces the philosophy that “water is life,” and therefore, a sacred and important element of the universe. Pahdopony in the Comanche language translates to “See how deep the water is.” It is derived from the story of an ancestor who found a safe passage for the band of Comanches, trying to cross a fast moving body of water.

The biographical documentary, “Pahdopony: See How Deep the Water Is,” explores the philosophy and visual art of Pahdopony. She discusses life as an artist, educator, activist, and connection to the Comanche people. This visual storytelling is rich in art, music, and oral and visual tradition. It shares the cultural and community ties of Comanche culture and life from the historic past to the continuously changing culture of present day.

“Pahdopony: See How Deep the Water Is,” is a model for future generations of film documentary artists. The art pieces and stories illustrated by Pahdopony are at once a wealth of aesthetics and historical information with creative interpretation of the Comanche people, her family, culture, and heritage.

– Fred Nahwooksy, Museum Manager

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Annette Arkeketa

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