Annette Arkeketa

Producer, Director, Writer, Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Annette is an enrolled member of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma and is also Muscogee Creek. Arkeketa is founder of Hokte Productions, an independent film and video production company where she is the producer, writer, director, videographer, photographer, and editor. Her productions include:

Iron Horse: Story of the Oklahoma Indian Bikers (2018), a documentary about an inter-tribal motorcycle group.

Chief George (2009), a PBS short documentary about George Akeen (Cheyenne/Wichita) and his historic peacekeeping mission to Jerusalem.

PAHDOPONY: See How Deep The Water Is (2005), a biography of Comanche Artist Juanita Pahdopony’s life as an artist, educator and activist.

MUH-DU ‘KEE: Put Them Back (2004), a documentary that follows Comanche Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Jimmy Arterberry (Comanche), through the process of repatriating Comanche human remains and artifacts.

INTRINSIC SPIRIT: The Artway of Jimmy Pena (2002), a biography of native Corpus Christi artist Jimmy Pena.

Annette Arkeketa